Jacob Quinn Sanders.

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Californian by birth. Oregonian by upbringing. Pennsylvanian by choice. Lover of absurdity, data, language, good food and drink, baseball -- sometimes all together.

Jacob Quinn Sanders has always been in the business of helping tell stories. First that meant reporting and writing. Then editing and strategy of varying sorts -- user research, workflows, conceiving functionality -- usually against a tight deadline.

Now that means coding. Python and Django along with some JavaScript and jQuery, HTML and CSS. They're simply different tools to a similar end. His specialty remains the acquisition, cleaning, storage and dissemination of the best data he can get his hands on and using it to tell a story. Coding simply means he has more ways of doing that than he used to.

Programming has a lot in common with putting together complex articles and products where accuracy matters. Where readability matters. Where impact and user experience matter.

With new skills it's time to focus on new projects. Onward we go.

A headshot of me and my large noggin.